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Thursday, May 19: 5 a.m.

Louder than Words

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by Jim Holthouser, executive vice president, global brands, Hilton Worldwide 

By nature of their profession, rock and roll artists live their lives on the road. Throughout history, they have left their mark on cities and people around world, traveling across continents and cultures to perform their music. And their fans follow. 

While I am not exactly a rock star, I can relate to the passion these musicians feel. I am the executive vice president of global brands for Hilton Worldwide, and as a classically trained pianist, I know the power that music has to inspire, entertain and educate an audience. I incorporate music into presentations and speeches with my colleagues globally to connect with them on a more emotional level. This connection is a key component of the hospitality industry – and helps ensure that guests have a positive personal experience with our hotels when they stay with Hilton. 

With the opening of Hilton Cleveland Downtown just around the corner, there’s a lot of excitement about Cleveland within the walls of Hilton, but today I’m excited about another important opening: the Louder Than Words: Rock, Power and Politics exhibit here at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ...

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Everything You Need to Know About 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

Wednesday, January 27: 6:50 p.m.
Posted by Ivan Sheehan

2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Ticket Information

We heard your questions about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, compiled the most frequently asked ones, and created this Rock Hall FAQ just for you. Here we go:

Q: Who will be inducted in the Class of 2016?
A: Cheap Trick, Chicago, Deep Purple, N.W.A. and Steve Miller (all in the Performer Category) and Bert Berns (Nonperformer Category receiving the Ahmet Ertegun Award for Lifetime Achievement). This year’s group of Inductees includes three artists (Chicago, Cheap Trick and Steve Miller) who were on the ballot for the first time and a number of artists who’ve been discussed and deliberated for a number of years. Learn more about this year's class on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee page!

Q: Where and when will the 2016 Induction Ceremony be held?
A: Friday, April 8, 2016 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Barclays also hosted the event in 2014.

Q: When will tickets go on-sale to the public?
A: Tickets will go on sale to the public beginning February 5 at 9 a.m. EST via

Q: Has the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony always been open to the ...

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The Fabulous Friendship of David Bowie and Jane Scott

Wednesday, January 20: 5:44 p.m.
Posted by Anastasia Karel

autographed David Bowie photo with Cleveland Jane Scott Plain Dealer reporter

Pictured: Jane Scott with David Bowie in the late 70s during one of his Isolar tour stops. Did you see him perform on the Isolar or Isolar II tours?

I’m an archivist at the Rock Hall’s Library and Archives. I'm also a diehard music fan and collector. Bob Dylan is my all-time favorite – I've seen him in concert 60 times – but David Bowie was the first artist that I collected on vinyl. I believe that Bowie is one of those artists whose work should be owned in its original format, if only because of the cover art and sense that you're holding a piece of history. Unfortunately, I never saw Bowie in concert and didn't dive into his entire catalog as so many fans did, and yet, now that he is gone, I realize just how much he was a presence in my life.  And this week, it just so happened that my job created a collision of Bowie, Cleveland, and women in rock journalism.

My days involve a fair amount of detective work, such as forming connections between documents to describe a moment in rock history. One collection that will provide endless opportunities ...

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From Apollo Theater to Hall of Fame with Smokey Robinson

Tuesday, November 3: 4:25 p.m.
Posted by Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1987

In this interview, 1987 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Smokey Robinson reflects on first time at the Apollo Theater and being inducted to the Hall of Fame. Don't miss the Rock Hall's Music Masters tribute concert to Smokey Robinson on Saturday, November 7, 2015.

Wow, to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was such a surprise to me, it was such an honor, such a joyful time for me.

I believe, if I'm not mistaken, I was inducted on the second induction [in 1987]. The first induction was Elvis Presley and, oh gosh, Little Richard [in 1986]. But I never thought that I would be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It just was something that I said, "Oh wow, this is great."

And they started the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And it's like a dream. It's like you have this thought that you'd like to be there. You'd love to be recognized like that. It's like when the Miracles and I first went to the Apollo Theater, ever. It was our first really professional date.

We had never really been too ...

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Smokey, Leo, Motown and the Coolest Gig in Cleveland

Monday, November 2: 2:19 p.m.


Smokey Robinson and the Miracles live concert at Leo's Casino in Cleveland in 1965 newspaper review Motown

Ask any Clevelander who heard Smokey Robinson perform here early on in his career, and they’ll likely tell you about Leo’s Casino.

Leo’s Casino, designated a historic rock and roll landmark by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999, stood at 7500 Euclid Avenue on Cleveland’s east side. From the time it opened in 1963, Leo’s featured Motown artists on a regular basis. “It was a very important club to us,” Motown founder Berry Gordy, Jr., told The Plain Dealer. The Supremes, the Four Tops, the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, and – of course – Smokey Robinson and the Miracles were among the acts that played there, often using the 700-seat, racially integrated venue to hone their acts.

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles live in Cleveland in 1968 at Leo's Casino concert performance newspaper advertisementThroughout the 1960s, the Miracles returned to Leo’s Casino at least once a year for a four-evening stint, performing as many as three shows each night. One of these performances was even filmed in 1966 for a nationally televised documentary on the Miracles. In addition to playing Leo’s traditional “Sweater Night” Thursdays, men’s nights and ladies’ nights, the Miracles – described as “a handsome young group of vocalists” by Cleveland’s Call and Post in 1965 ...

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Backstage at the Beatles 1964 Concert in Cleveland

Monday, October 26: 12:45 p.m.
Posted by Ivan Sheehan

Photographer George Shuba The Beatles 1964 concert in Cleveland police

"It took an iconic radio station, WHK, and an anglophile disc jockey, Ron Britton, to bring what is arguably the most popular British rock group ever, the Beatles, to Cleveland, Ohio, the 'Home of Rock and Roll,'" says Lynn Jones, who was a young boy when the Fab Four made their concert debut in Cleveland. "On September 15, 1964, the Cleveland rock and roll world exploded, first on Public Square when thousands gathered to wave up to the Beatles and Ron Britton as they waved back from open windows… and then, 'The Concert.'"

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr stayed at the Sheraton-Cleveland, which was surrounded by a police cordon given the fan fervor. Cunning Cleveland police used a riot van traveling between the concert venue, Cleveland's Public Hall, as a decoy. Adoring Beatles fans eventually caught on to the fact that the Fab Four were not in the van, but the group still managed to escape undetected from inside the hotel not long before showtime.

"Sitting with the WHK station managers, Ron’s wife Peach, my wife Ann, and sister Kathy," remembers Jones, "we watched from 40 feet away as screaming girls and women rushed ...

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Beatles Bandmates Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Share the Stage at Inductions

Monday, April 20: 3:55 p.m.
Posted by Rock Hall

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr live at the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Cleveland on April 18, 2015

In among the most anticipated moments of the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Sir Paul McCartney – a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee – took to the stage to induct his friend and Beatle bandmate Ringo Starr into the Hall of Fame. 

Speaking of first meeting Starr in the Hamburg days, McCartney said: "And Ringo was like a professional musician. We were just like, slamming around and doing stuff, but he had a beard — that's professional. He had the suit. Very professional. And he would sit at the bar drinking bourbon and seven. We'd never seen anyone like this. This was like, a grown-up musician.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr together at 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 18, 2015"Eventually [The Beatles] got on The Ed Sullivan Show, and we got really famous. It was just so beautiful. As all the other drummers say, he just is something so special. When he's playing behind you – you see these other bands, they're looking around at the drummer, like, is he going to speed up, is he going to slow down? You don't have to look with Ringo."

After a quick embrace with McCartney, Ringo Starr took the mic, accepting his award and regaling the crowd ...

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Green Day Delivers Punk Rock Blast of Dookie-era Hits

Sunday, April 19: 3:30 a.m.
Posted by Rock Hall

"Everything you guys do is punk rock in the sense that you’ve never gone the easy route, the obvious route, the safe route," said Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz inducting Green Day. "You’ve never repeated yourselves, you’ve never done anything to please the suits…  Like Queen, the Who or the Clash, the best bands go on to defy and define the labels they get saddled with…the best bands are legend on record and onstage.

2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Green Day Basket Case Live at Cleveland Induction Ceremony

"This is a band that’s so in tune with their audience that they let a random kid onstage and play in the band, in arenas" added Wentz. "They literally fulfill that improbable daydream every kid has playing onstage with their favorite band."

A confessed diehard fan, Fall Out Boy singer and guitarist Patrick Stump said: "Billie Joe’s signature snarl and strong, sarcastic lyrics, that eternally youthful voice, those bright, open chord structures. The way a silhouette of him playing guitar would be as recognizable a posture to any punk rock kid as Michael Jordan's mid-air dunk is to sports fans."

After accepting their Inductee honors, the guys from Green Day – Tré Cool, Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong ...

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