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Introducing the NEW!

Thursday, March 11: 4:13 p.m.
Posted by Todd Mesek
The new homepage

Big news today! We are proud to tell you that the newly-designed website is up and running. On any given day, more people connect with the Rock Hall via the website than in any other way. Our mission, as you know, is to educate visitors, fans and scholars about the history and continuing significance of rock and roll music. The new website brings that to life.

This new site  encourages users to go deeper within the site, to stay longer on the site and to connect with us. It will be filled with exclusive artist interviews, induction videos, photo galleries, songs, transcripts of induction speeches and merchandise.

The redesigned site is fueled by a new content management system in which Rock Hall staffers can use one interface to post more quickly video, blogs, photo galleries and other content to different pages.

Amazing things happen here in Cleveland. Legendary artists tell stories you’ve never heard. New artists are discovered. People behind the scenes share different perspectives and history is both documented and made here.

The website and digital strategy was provided courtesy of a generous grant from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation in New York ...

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Music Knows No Borders

Tuesday, September 1: 12 p.m.
Posted by Todd Mesek

Last week, a group of about 12 or 13 cultural festival organizers from the Republic of Georgia came to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. They wanted to get a better sense of what we do to tell our story, to learn more about our organization and, in general, to exchange ideas.

The conversation that ensued made for a memorable meeting – one that reminds all of us about the power of rock and roll.

To start, we provided an overview of the Museum, the Inductions, and our mission to collect, preserve and interpret the cultural relevance of rock and roll. We spoke of our exhibit on rock and roll and free speech, Don’t Knock the Rock. We also talked about our education programs, which include classes on music as a tool for social change, referencing the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, Woodstock and myriad other moments when rock and roll connected people and served as a catalyst for new ideas.

The “new ideas” notion took root with this audience. Several people began to talk about going to great lengths to listen to rock and roll music. Our friends told us  stories of their fathers ...

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