The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum

Tech Requirements


Classes can be booked by going directly to our On The Road online registration site.  In regards to scheduling, we make every attempt to accommodate the needs of our participants.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is capable of connecting via IP or ISDN, but IP is strongly preferred.  In addition, we prefer to connect point-to-point, but multipoint connectivity is possible (fees may apply). 

PLEASE NOTE: Schools that do not have traditional videoconferencing equipment can utilize our free virtual room link (a cloud-based videoconferencing option) — all you need is a computer and internet connection!  Contact us at to find out how!


To best experience a traditional interactive videoconference program with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame your system should be equipped with the following elements:

• A videoconferencing codec which processes and compresses the outgoing and incoming signals. Tandberg, Polycom, and LifeSize manufacture some of the most common videoconferencing hardware systems.  If you are interested in videoconferencing, we recommend you contact their customer support to inquire about equipment, pricing, installation, etc.
• A camera and microphone to transmit audio/video from your classroom to our Museum in Cleveland.
• A television, screen, or otherwise blank surface to project images from the Hall of Fame.
• Speakers and a monitor to hear and see audio and video transmitted by the Hall of Fame.

If you aren’t sure if your location has videoconferencing capabilities, we recommend contacting your technology staff.  Another great suggestion is to contact nearby schools or building that are using videoconferencing and ask them how they got started.

A succinct list for getting equipment can be found here: