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EMP.CLE Pop Conference 20132/19

EMP.CLE Pop Conference 2013

The Cleveland installment of the 2013 EMP Pop Conference, EMP.CLE, took place at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and at the Museum’s Library and Archives April 19–20, 2013. We explored how listeners, performers, music industry professionals, scholars, and aficionados evaluate and select from the fluid soundscapes of pop music as it comes apart at the seams. As the world generates new modes of listening and sharing music, how do we map traditional and/or forge new organizational structures on consumption and appreciation? We considered the value of list-making, curating and canon-making within a musical space that can be molded by each individual listener and evaluate the role of tastemakers in these new dynamics. Topics included pedagogy; club booking and live series; institutional canon-making, such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and EMP; and list-making.