The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum

Film Screening: Wattstax

Thursday, February 23: 7 p.m. -

In celebration of Black History Month, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will present a special film series, “Double Exposure: African American Music on Film,” which will highlight the central role of African Americans in the history of rock and roll.

Wattstax (1973)

Runtime: 98 min

What film better captures the energy of the ‘70s’ Black Power Movement as well as the irresistible, timeless music that played as its soundtrack? Called the “Afro-American answer to Woodstock,” the 1972 Wattstax Concert, sponsored by Stax Records, was organized to commemorate the seven-year anniversary of the 1965 Watts Riots in Los Angeles. Like its more famous predecessor, Wattstax is not just the recording of a concert, but a political statement, a testament to the hopes, fears, and struggles of African Americans in a turbulent era. The film features electrifying  musical performances (including Hall of Fame Inductees Isaac Hayes and the Staples Singers), thought-provoking interviews with residents of Los Angeles, and hilarious and insightful monologues from Richard Pryor.

This event is free with a reservation.  Please email or call the Education Department at 216.515.8426.