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In the Museum: Aretha Franklin9/10

8 & 9: “Rhythm of the Freeway” Demo Cassette (top) and Tape Box (bottom)

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

This demo cassette contains an early version of “Freeway of Love,” which hit Number Three in 1985. This demo tape, with a selection of songs sent to Aretha Franklin for her consideration, includes “When the Night,” a Paul McCartney composition featured on his 1973 album, Red Rose Speedway. Franklin biographer David Ritz said that McCartney wrote “Let It Be” with Franklin in mind. Franklin recorded her version of the song first, but held back its release until after the Beatles’ release of the smash hit.
In the Museum: Aretha Franklin
1: Southern Christian Leadership Conference Benefit Concert Poster, 1967
2: I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You Album Proof Sheet, 1967
3: Aretha Franklin Dressing Room Door Note, c. 1985
4: Aretha Franklin Valtino Dress, 1979
5: Aretha Franklin Appointment Book, 1981
6: Aretha Franklin Dress, 2007
7: “I Heard It through the Grapevine,” 1966 Written by Barrett Strong and Norman Whitfield
8 & 9: “Rhythm of the Freeway” Demo Cassette (top) and Tape Box (bottom)
Aretha Franklin hat from the exhibit Treasures from the Vault