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This is what Nirvana singer-guitarist Kurt Cobain thought of institutional honors in rock and roll: When his band was photographed for the cover of Rolling Stone for the first time, in early 1992, he arrived wearing a white T-shirt on which he'd written, CORPORATE MAGAZINES STILL SUCK in black marker. The slogan was his twist on one coined by the punk-rock label SST: "Corporate Rock Still Sucks." The hastily arranged photo session, held by the side of a road during a manic tour of Australia, was later recalled by photographer Mark Seliger: "I said to Kurt, 'I think that's a ...

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Nirvana Highlights

"They left behind a beautiful body of work and a legacy that continues today. "

- Michael Stipe

"I always had an appreciation for Nirvana. I wouldn't be playing music if it wasn't for Nirvana – I just wouldn't, that's a fact. The testament is that the songs just stand up. They are great songs. They are phenomenal songs, and they stand the test of time."

- St. Vincent

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