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Pink Floyd accepts their induction

David Gilmour:    "I’ll have to grab a couple more of these, but two band members have started playing different tunes ... Roger and Sid ... and we’ll take a couple of these home for them. Thank you very much indeed."

Richard Wright:   "You just said what I wanted to say. I wanted to say to Roger and Sid ... it took you, Sid, because the whole band started with Sid,   and I just wanted to say that I’m sitting here the whole night and I just realized the diversity of the music and everyone is different, everyone has a different approach to the music, but we all touch people I hope ... with our music. And that’s all we want to do. Thank you very much."

Nick Mason:   
      "It’s a wonderful occasion ... to see all these record executives in one place. As you’re probably aware being up here, there’s been an awful lot of hard work. We’ve managed to avoid doing a lot of it ... we’ve had a lot of other very talented people to help us, and it might be worth mentioning some of them. I think the engineers we’ve worked with, Andy Jackson and James Guthrie, Ellen Parsons ... the producers Bob Ezrith, Chris Thomas and Joe Voight, who’s here tonight produced our first records. Stage designers and Mark Britman, Mark Fisher and Stu Thorgerson, the man who sent a shot to the record company, and also of course the record company. The first rule of rock and roll is if things go well, take the credit ... if they don’t, blame the record company. And also to Steve Holbrook, our manager. The second rule is, if you can’t get hold of the record company, blame the manager. So thank you to all of them, and this is a great honor. I think for us it means an awful lot, and I think it probably means that it’s official that we never, ever have to be a support act, ever again."