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John Fogerty inducts Ricky Nelson

"You’re all having fun? It just touches my heart to know that we can all do this after so many years. Like most of you, I watched Rick grow up on TV. He was actually our first TV phenom, as far as I know and week after week we watched kind of the kid next door grow up and become a super-star in rock and roll. And what was most important to me, anyway, a good guy. In fact, I can still remember the moment when I was kind of searching around for how I wanted to be in music, what kind of persona ... and of all the people, I decided I wanted to be most like Rick Nelson, who seemed to be handling ‘show biz’, if you will, in a way that most fascinated me anyway. I finally met him in real life in the middle 70’s, and it turns out that it was all real. He was a really good guy. Anyway, to talk about his music a little bit, he was influenced very much by the same people that grabbed me. In fact, his head turned towards Memphis and he loved rockabilly. As far as I’m concerned, he made some of the greatest rockabilly records of all time. Sam, he gave you a run for your money, I think. And throughout his career he had sort of something else in common with me. He wrote the lines to “Garden Party”, a couple of which were “memories were all I’ve seen, I’d rather drive a truck” and it’s what he firmly believed. I saw Rick for the last time singing one of my songs. It’s something that will touch me forever. We were all in Memphis, again honoring some rockabilly people that you know about, and it’s my great honor to call his children up here to receive this award to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Matthew, Gunnar and Tracy."