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Stevie Wonder

Induction category: Performer
Presented by: Paul Simon


Stevie Wonder was Motown’s golden child. In his more than 30 years at Motown, Wonder has been a musical icon: first, as a child prodigy; second, as a young man with a soulful, maturing and multifaceted talent; and finally, as an adult driven by the challenge of realizing his ever-deepening inner visions. Over the course of his career, Wonder has been a true musical pioneer whose work has embraced influences as diverse as reggae and jazz. He created music that sounded startlingly fresh in the Seventies by bending synthesizer technology to his own funky, visionary ends. A true child of ...

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Stevie Wonder Highlights

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"He is the composer of his generation. A melody writer of such effortless virtuosity that he is virtually incomparable. His voice is an incredible instrument - the perfect phrasing and intonation. Many people try to imitate Stevie Wonder, but there's only one Stevie Wonder. "

- Paul Simon inducts Stevie Wonder

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