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The Bee Gees


Barry Gibb was born.


Maurice Gibb was born.


Robin Gibb was born.


The Bee Gees’ first single—"The Three Kisses of Love” b/w “The Blue and the Grey"—"is released in Australia.


Ahmet Ertegun signs the English group Cream. Atlantic will become a major force in British rock, releasing albums by such artists as the Bee Gees, Mott the Hoople, Yes, Genesis, Derek and the Dominos, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Led Zeppelin.


The Gibb family moves from Australia to London, England. Within months, the Bee Gees enjoy their first international hit


The Bee Gees debut album, ‘Bee Gees 1st’, is issued in America. At this point, the group is a quintet


The group’s brotherly bonds are temporarily broken as Robin departs for a short-lived solo career that yields the album ‘Robin’s Reign’ (1970). The Bee Gees, pared down to the duo of Barry and Maurice, release ‘Cucumber Castle’.


The Bee Gees hit #1 for the first time with “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,” a mellow ballad from ‘Trafalgar’.


“Jive Talkin’” reaches #1 for the first of two weeks. Marking a change in direction, it finds the Bee Gees moving from “dreary ballads” (their term) to a more uptempo, R&B sound, thanks in large part to Atlantic Records staff producer Arif Mardin.


“You Should Be Dancing” from the album ‘Children of the World’ becomes the latest Bee Gees single to top the charts. It is the third single to go to #1.


“How Deep Is Your Love,” the Bee Gees’ first single from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, hits #1 for the first of three weeks. Remaining in the Top Ten for 17 consecutive weeks, it sets a ‘Billboard’ chart record for longevity.


“Stayin’ Alive,” whose thunderous disco beat plays in the opening scene of ‘Saturday Night Fever’, reaches #1 for the first of four weeks.


Night Fever (The Bee Gees) was a hit.


Too Much Heaven (The Bee Gees) was a hit.


“Love You Inside Out” becomes the Bee Gees’ ninth #1 single, sixth consecutive #1 single (tying the Beatles), and fifth to sell over two million copies. It is also, to date, their last #1 single.


The soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever’s less successful sequel, ‘Stayin’ Alive’, is released. Again, the Bee Gees contribute, notching one Top Forty single, “The Woman in You” (#24).


The Bee Gees’ 25th charting album, ‘One’, is released. The title track reaches #7 and the band tours for the first time in nearly a decade.


A new album by the Bee Gees, ‘Still Waters’, is released as the group celebrates the 30th anniversary of its first hit. They undertake an 18-month world tour.


The Bee Gees are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the twelfth annual induction dinner. Brian Wilson is their presenter.


Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees died.


Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees dies of complications from intestinal surgery and cancer in London. He is 62 years old.

The Bee Gees