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Lauryn Hill inducts the Staple Singers

"How you doing everybody?  Usually I don't prepare a speech, but I had some really important things I wanted to say, and this was a special moment for me, so I prepared myself.  And uh, OK... so I prepared myself.  And uh... I continued to prepare myself.  OK, I'm prepared.  Few artists have achieved the longevity and excellence in three genres of music as have the Staples Singers.  Over three decades, they have been a force to be reckoned with.  In the '50s, they were post-war gospel warriors.  In the '60s, they single-handedly invented a genre called soul-folk, which was activist music, and linked them immediately and directly to the civil rights movement.  In the '70s they turned to what Mavis Staples described as "message music" - songs such as "Respect Yourself," you know you know 'em, "I'll Take You There," and "Come Go with Me," were the embodiment of soul: soul-liberating, soul-inspiring, and soul-empowering music.  They are a group that has unmistakably proven that speaking of faith and spirituality and God is in accordance with being fly and commercially acceptable.  I am completely honored and delighted to induct the Staples Singers into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - God bless y'all."