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  • Los Angeles Music Scene

    Los Angeles Music Scene

    By the mid-1960s, Southern California had come into its own as a pop metropolis. Thanks to the surf ...
  • San Francisco Music Scene

    San Francisco Music Scene

    The city of San Francisco served as a magnet for musicians, artists and social rebels in the mid-to-...
  • Seattle Music Scene

    Seattle Music Scene

    Grunge emerged from the Pacific Northwest as a loud, distorted marriage of punk rock and heavy metal...
  • Memphis Music Scene

    Memphis Music Scene

    Memphis is the birthplace of rock and roll. Situated on the northernmost edge of the Mississippi Del...
  • Detroit Music Scene

    Detroit Music Scene

    Detroit in the 1950s was a bustling city to which Southern blacks were drown by the lure of jobs in ...
  • Atlantic Records

    Atlantic Records

    The story of Atlantic Records.