Meet the Rock Hall 2016 inductees! Steve Miller, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Chicago, NWA, Bert Berns

2016 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Exhibit

Open: Now through March 9, 2017
Location: Ahmet Ertegun Main Exhibition Hall

How's this for a lineup: Cheap TrickChicagoDeep PurpleN.W.A and Steve Miller?

That's the #RockHall2016 class, and their greatest hits and stories from decades living and breathing the rock and roll lifestyle come to life in our new 2016 Hall of Fame Inductee exhibit.

How did Rick Nielsen Start Playing a 5-neck Guitar?

Originally the bow-tie wearing, checkered-clothes sporting charismatic guitarist from Cheap Trick would wear five different guitars at once while playing solos. In a nod to rock practicality, he worked with Hamer, sanding down and laminating five guitar bodies into the mega guitar he's become so famous for. And we have the first one. It's rad.

Be Honest: Can You Sing all the Words to "Saturday in the Park?"

Robert Lamm penned the lyrics to Chicago's highest-charting single in 1972. While Chicagoans – specifically, Cubs fans – are all-too familiar with the tune given its regular rotation during Saturday baseball games at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, visitors to the Hall of Fame will get a first-hand look at Lamm's musical baby coming to life via his handwritten lyrics. Warning: you'll be humming "Saturday in the Park" all day (if you're not already).

Which One of the #RockHall2016 Inductees was Certified "Globe's Loudest Band?"

If you guessed Deep Purple, turn it up to 11. In 1972, the Guinness Book of World Records conferred the title of “The Globe’s Loudest Band” on the guys who brought us "Smoke on the Water" that same year  – a song often cited as the greatest guitar riff of all-time. Riff master Ritchie Blackmore is often associated with playing Fender Strats (and wearing some really interesting hats), but we scored the 1961 Gibson ES-335 TDC he played on the first five Deep Purple albums, including 1967’s single “Hush.” The guitar was one of Blackmore’s first electric guitars. If axes could talk…

Who Taught Steve Miller to Play the Guitar?

The "Space Cowboy" and #RockHall2016 Inductee learned jazz and pop techniques from Les Paul, a family friend and Miller’s godfather. How cool is that? And as if that wasn't impressive enough, in his early years, Miller jammed with Muddy WatersHowlin’ WolfBuddy Guy and Paul Butterfield. Despite his godfather's namesake guitar, Miller loaned us a 1974 Fender Strat from his personal collection with a one-of-a-kind dragon design. Trippy.

What Funk Masters Helped Inspire N.W.A's Final Album?

Dr. Dre and DJ Yella provided a bold soul-funk backbone to the gritty storytelling on N.W.A's third – and final album – Niggaz 4 Life. The duo liberally sampled and referenced Parliament-Funkadelic (and others) into a potent stew that influenced millions. Nearly 25 years after its release, the beats are still fresh and the lyrics are still shockingly graphic, narrative that earned the ire of parents and politicians alike (a trend that started in earnest with 1988's Straight Outta Compton). MC Ren held on to his handwritten lyrics to the album's title track "Niggaz 4 Life," ripped straight from his notebook and now on display. Doesn't get much more real than that.

You Don't Know Bert Berns?

OK, so he's not a household name, but his songs are among the best-known hits in rock history. He produced 51 chart records in seven years, most of which he also wrote, including “Twist and Shout” (The Isley Brothers), “Hang On Sloopy” (The McCoys), “I Want Candy” (The Strangeloves), “Brown Eyed Girl” (Van Morrison) and more. Janis Joplin made Berns’ “Cry Baby” famous and a staple of her live shows, and we've included her own handwritten version of the song in the exhibit. Note all references to "he" now "she." Awesome.

The “For Those About to Rock” theater will screen amazing performances, speeches and raucous moments from past Induction Ceremonies!

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