2024 Nominees
Announcing the 2024 Nominees
Read the official ballot bios for the 2024 Nominees and vote for your favorites today.

Fan Vote Parameters

Only votes from authorized email addresses are counted in the Fan Vote. To authorize an email address, head to vote.rockhall.com and enter your email address or log in via Amazon or Google. 

You can visit vote.rockhall.com to cast a ballot daily. A collective "Fan Ballot" will be tallied as ONE, along with all ballots of the larger Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction voting body.

Fans will need to log in to vote. Voting is capped at one ballot per day. We do track and void duplicate votes that exceed this cap and may take steps necessary to prevent voting that is inconsistent with this cap.

Please note that it may take up to a minute for your vote to be verified, counted, and appear on the Official Fan Vote Leaderboard.