A Live Concert Experience Outside of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Sep 02 2020

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

25 Years at the Museum

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we asked fans to submit their favorite memories of visiting the museum, attending Induction Ceremonies and more.

In celebration of 25 years

Stepping onto the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame plaza, you are greeted by sounds & sights that will get you ready for a music experience like no other. In the summer, live bands turn that plaza into a bustling music festival scene just about every day. During cooler months, outdoor speakers broadcast an all-star soundtrack meant to keep the chill at bay. 


Walk through the lobby doors, and you’ll hear everything from greatest hits to deep cuts as you journey up and around the museum. Plastered on the walls are larger-than-life red, black, and white vintage images of live & loud performances. All around these scenes are nooks and crannies filled with cool artifacts— iconic gear, memorable stage costumes, song lyrics, tour passes, and even a CBGB awning—as well as seat-shaking, concert-like experiences highlighting induction performances and The Garage, which lets visitors make glorious noise on real instruments. 

The hall BLEW MY MIND. I cried my head off the entire time, super moved by all of the amazing artifacts.

Cheryl-Lynn Whyte

Opening 25 years ago, this 150,000-square-foot music monument has a glass-enclosed pyramid adjacent to a 162-foot tower, both of which soar above the shores of Lake Erie. In a nod to how we’re the home of America’s great art form—rock & roll— world renown architect, the late I.M. Pei modeled our pyramid after the iconic glass structure he designed for the Louvre in France. 


The sun-filled atrium gives way to over 55,000 square feet of exhibition space stretched over seven levels. Such a rock & roll museum deserves a star-studded groundbreaking: On June 7, 1993, the Who’s Pete Townshend, Chuck Berry, Billy Joel, Sam Phillips, and Ruth Brown (to name a few) attended a ceremony that kicked off construction in Cleveland. One year later, rock & roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis performed when the building was topped off with the placement of one last steel beam. 


From the moment we opened our doors through to this very day, one tune hasn’t changed - when you visit, you’ve found your people: a community of music fanatics ready to soak up every morsel of info about their favorite artists. Appropriately, rock & roll is in your face—and ears—throughout your entire tour. 

Watch our 2019 year in review below to see how we continue to serve fans and the community through the power of rock & roll.



2019 Museum Recap

See the Year in Review

2019 Museum Recap

See the Year in Review

We Salute the Fans

Thank you to the fans who support us and help us live out rock's legacy. We've welcomed over 13 million visitors in the past 25 years. In the gallery below you'll see photos submitted by fans from their visits over the years.

Installed in 2016, the LONG LIVE ROCK letters speak for themselves and are a popular fan photo location on the plaza. We salute the fans who've submitted their own pictures from recent years featuring the letter installation. 

Fans in the Museum

We've welcomed over 13 million visitors in our first 25 years open. We've inspired rock fans from around the globe, whether through a single instrument on display, a special exhibit or even just the feeling of being surrounded by your favorite music memories. See some of these fan stories submitted from past trips to visit us in Cleveland.

Opening Day Memories

When the museum opened in 1995 it was a celebration packed with Hall of Fame Inductees and popular artists, and Clevelanders and other life-long fans remember the big day as well as the Concert for the Rock Hall held at old Municipal Stadium. 

2005 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees U2
So I literally got to be the very first fan to see the display.
Mary Cipriani

The Full Story

"I was a volunteer for the grand opening day at the Rock Hall.  U2 is my longtime favorite and I was anxious to see what was on display from the band.  There were probably 100+ volunteers that all arrived early that morning for our assignments.

I could've been randomly assigned to any number of locations throughout the building, and by the most amazing kismet, I was assigned to 4th floor theatre entrance area next to the U2 display case! So I literally got to be the very first fan to see the display. I still have my Volunteer Staff shirt from the day. It was a really special day for Clevelanders and for all music fans and everyone was so enthusiastic and excited to be part of it."

-Submitted by Mary Cipriani

Artist Sightings

You never know who you may run into at the museum. We've collected a series of images from fans where a special concert or program, or even chance encounter, brought them closer with a favorite artist.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame