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Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 5:30pm
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CTRL|ALT|BEAT© presented by <BLKhack> Cleveland at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 

Join us Wednesday, February 28 at 5:30 pm for a night of networking, tech, music and fun. 

CTRL|ALT|BEAT© will feature an interactive, socially engaging experience that will allow attendees to gain valuable information regarding diversity and inclusion for the startup space in music technology, innovation, creativity, and business. The panel discussion will feature speakers from communities of color who are truly passionate about helping our community of forward thinkers, future leaders, entrepreneurs and startups succeed.

<BLKhack> Cleveland is a monthly event to help African-American, Hispanic and other people of color hack into technology, education, trends, music, innovation, business, and finance. More at BLKhack.com/Cleveland.

The event is now sold out. 

Brandyn Armstrong, Founder and CEO of Studio Stick - the world’s first portable recording studio for smartphones

Winner of “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” in the fall of 2017, Armstrong has been recording music professionally for over 10 years, which led him to create Studio Stick. Earning his first round of business capital while still a student at Cleveland State University, he has also participated in the JumpStart Core City Cleveland Impact program and been featured onCleveland.com, WKYC news and in the online magazine, Freshwater Cleveland. Previously owning a record label allowed Brandyn to pursue his passion for music and hone his entrepreneurial skills. Prior to the Studio Stick creation, Brandyn's outlook on education and life was not so optimistic, which resulted in him dropping out of high school. Knowing he wanted better in life, he obtained his GED and then graduated from Cuyahoga Community College with two associate degrees. 

Christian Graves, CEO & Mario Hairston, Head of Brand Development
USIC.co - Undiscovered Music

A graduate of Ohio University, CG pursued a music career that eventually landed him in Los Angeles, but not before being nominated for the Move Forward Achievement at Ohio Hip Hop Awards in 2016. Shortly after, he teamed up with Brian to launch USIC News highlighting the music of other independent artists he admired.

Archie Green
Rapper/Producer/Mental Health Advocate

Archie Green in many ways is unconventional in today’s era of rap. Green refuses to put on a “rapper suit” instead opting to be himself – what a novel idea. Having earned a Master’s degree [in Music Business] from NYU, Green is an educated man and he raps like it. His eloquent rhymes coupled with soulful beats have deep rooted influences from hip-hop staples Jay Z and Kanye West. However, his message, versatility and authenticity can be compared to the realness of fellow Cleveland-bred artist, Kid Cudi and respected rapper/producer, J. Cole. 

In 2016, Archie became an advocate for mental health, having himself been a victim of clinical depression. His introspective single on overcoming his personal demons, “Layers,” which was premiered at VICE, garnered over 25,000 streams in 2 weeks. The 31 year old artist has spoken to various media outlets on the subject such as BBC News, NPR, VICE, and various Cleveland television and printed media as well.