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Get to know: FREE ENERGY | "We're going to rock the Hall of Fame."

Tuesday, July 20: 2:15 p.m.
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Free Energy will perform at the Rock Hall on July 21, part of the Summer in the City free concerts.

Philadelphia rock band Free Energy will perform for the first time at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum on Wednesday, July 21 as part of the free Summer in the City concert series. The band formed in the fall of 2007 and garnered attention with their melodic, hook-laden dance-rock tunes. Their new album 'Stuck on Nothing' has received critical acclaim from fans and the media: Rolling Stone magazine labeled Free Energy as a band to watch this year and have since appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. 

We caught up with Paul Sprangers of the band for some background on Free Energy and thoughts on performing at the Museum for the first time.

How did Free Energy form?
After our band Hockey Night ended, Scott and I signed to DFA with nothing but a collection of demos and a distant dream. A year after writing and recording, we went to NYC to record with James Murphy. After five months of recording, we could no longer stand sleeping in the DFA office, so we moved to Philadelphia where we rented a house and started assembling the band. Now, Free Energy is a wild, ass shaking five-piece band that causes people to involuntarily high five their friends and make out with babes!

What do you like most about performing in front of an audience?
We love performing live because we can connect with our fans and ideally inspire them with the energy we put into our music. We aspire to reach people and connect with open hearts. 

How do you feel particularly about performing in Cleveland at the Rock Hall?

We are going to rock the Hall of Fame so hard the ZZ Top car is going to crash into the crazy Quicksilver Messenger Service amp! Our van is kind of a low rent rock n roll museum because it houses the world’s first –and growing—library of canonical rock cassette tapes, everything from Peter Gabriel to Dee Lite.  Free energy loves rock n roll! See you soon!

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