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Get to know: Trans Am - performing at the Rock Hall on August 18

Wednesday, August 18: 1:33 p.m.
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Trans Am will perform for the first time at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum on Wednesday, August 18 as part of the free Summer in the City concert series. We caught up with the Nathan Means about the band’s one of a kind sound and their thoughts on playing at the Rock Hall for the first time.

Tell us about your band and who your musical inspirations are that influenced your sound?

We like a lot of music. There's no point in writing a list, but, say, Deep Purple, Autechre, Nice Nice, The Eagles, and Vangelis. That probably tells you almost nothing. How about this: We're three-piece that includes drums/drum machines/vocals, guitar/keyboards/bass/vocals, bass/keyboards/vocoder. So we get a lot of different sounds, but the music is especially good for exercising or driving on the highway. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know this and just seem to drink and yell during our shows. Those shows are high energy. Our drummer, Sebastian, is usually the most featured musician.

Anyway, Trans Am has been around since the mid-90s. I guess we are a "cult band" -- we were lucky enough to support ourselves off music for a long time, but we were never close to well known outside of few circles. We're originally from Maryland, but now live all over the place. In fact, I don't even know where our drummer lives now.

How do you feel about performing at the Rock Hall for the first time?

A few reasons I'm excited about playing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

1) We used to have a Cleveland connection: Phil (guitarist) went to Oberlin, we all saw an epic Man-O-War show there in 1994, and our friend Rick from Cleveland put out our first 12" many years ago. But since we stopped touring as much, we haven't played Cleveland in forever. Sorry.

2) My new favorite thing to watch is those weird Hall of Fame concerts where, say, Metallica is backing Lou Reed on "Sweet Jane."

3) Playing free, waterfront, outdoor festivals is fun. Hopefully, some people will be into it, some people will hate it, and some people will be confused. That's a lot to ask, though.

4) I'm a Washington Wizards fan, the team that used to regularly get knocked out of the playoffs by the Cavs. So, I'm excited to be in the new Ground Zero for LeBron hating. I've been hating him for years.

Where can people go online to find more information about Trans Am?
You can check out some actual music on the usual places like MySpace, or our label's site or our website,

I hope to see every single person who reads this post at the show!

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