The Rock Hall Uninstalling Pink Floyd's The Wall and Teacher Rock Artifacts
Jun Francisco / Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Conservation Project: Pink Floyd's The Wall

How does the Rock Hall preserve music's history for future generations of rock fans?

By carefully maintaining artifact integrity through restoration and conservation work. Our curatorial team works with many artists and other doners to secure items for display but must also conduct research for restoration. It's a balance - the item should not lose it's "patina, the battle scars," says Jun Francisco, our Director of Collections Management at the Rock Hall. 

Take our most recent restoration project in the works - Pink Floyd's replica stage props The Wall, inflatable Teacher, Roger Dalby and the Pinks. Housed on level 4 at the Rock Hall, The Wall and co. have been displayed for many years and were recently uninstalled for conservation work. In the video below, Francisco details the work needed for each item, as well as the methods the curatorial team uses for evaluating and addressing specific conservation needs. 

After the conservation work is completed, The Wall, Teacher and the other items will return to the Rock Hall at some date in the future. 

Rock's history connects us: For fans now and generations to come, we're preserving the items that keep the stories alive. 

Watch the full interview below. 

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