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Welcome to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s electronic media resource page. Here you’ll find interior and exterior photos of the Museum along with featured exhibits currently showcased.

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Long Live Rock

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The permanent public art installation is the first thing visitors encounter at the Hall of Fame entrance and provides a can’t-miss photo opp to fans.

Hall of Fame side wing

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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with the Hall of Fame side wing

Library & Archives

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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's Library & Archives

The Beatles exhibit

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The Beatles exhibit

The Beatles exhibit (2)

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The Beatles exhibit (2)

Elvis exhibit film

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Side view of Elvis exhibit film

Elvis' motorcycle

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Elvis' custom SuperTrike motorcycle, 1975

Beatles & Rolling Stones Exhibits

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A visitor inside of the Beatles & Rolling Stones exhibits.

Roots of Rock & Roll

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Visitors experience the Roots of Rock & Roll exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.