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Welcome to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s electronic media resource page. Here you’ll find interior and exterior photos of the Museum along with featured exhibits currently showcased.

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Rock Hall at Night

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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Signature Wall

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The Signature Wall inside of the Hall of Fame representing each Inductee and Induction Class.

2018 Inductees Exhibit - The Moody Blues

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The Moody Blues display inside of the 2018 Inductees Exhibit

2018 Inductees Exhibit - Bon Jovi

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The Bon Jovi display inside of the 2018 Inductees Exhibit

2018 Inductees Exhibit - The Cars

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The Cars display inside of the 2018 Inductees Exhibit

Hall of Fame Dedication

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Members of the Moody Blues and Bon Jovi dedicate the Hall of Fame floor. (Credit: Michael Zorn/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)

The Beatles exhibit

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The Beatles exhibit

The Beatles exhibit (2)

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The Beatles exhibit (2)

Ringo Starr Drumsticks

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Drumsticks used by Ringo Starr during the Beatles concert at Cleveland’s Public Auditorium on September 15, 1964.

John Lennon Hofner Guitar

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A Hofner Senator electric guitar purchased by John Lennon during the Beatles’ time in Germany & used as a practice, studio & composition instrument.

George Harrison Jacket

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A suit worn by George Harrison during the Beatles’ 1966 tour, part of the Beatles exhibit.

Elvis' motorcycle

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Elvis' custom SuperTrike motorcycle, 1975

Asher Family Piano

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This piano was used to write songs like "I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “We Can Work It Out,” “Got to Get You Into My Life,” and “Eleanor Rigby.”

Elvis exhibit film

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Side view of Elvis exhibit film

Library & Archives

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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's Library & Archives