Jun 01

Pride Rocks

Evento especial
05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Union Home Mortgage Plaza
Celebración de las Artes y la Cultura LGBTQ+ del Noreste de Ohio
Damos el pistoletazo de salida al fin de semana del Orgullo en CLE y nos asociamos con el Centro Comunitario LGBT del Gran Cleveland. El evento incluye música en directo, actuaciones de artistas, artistas y vendedores locales y mucho más.

Event Line Up

  • 5:00pm  
    • School of Rock: Pride Set
  • 5:40pm 
    • Near West Theatre: Pride Through the Eyes of our Teens
  • 6:00pm 
    • Protest Fashion Lab Fashion Show, featuring work form the LGBT Center’s QYou program!
  • 6:30om 
    • Drag Storytime with Isis Tiffany Soul
  • 7:00om 
    • Kitty Delux: Hula Hoop Performance 
  • 7:15pm 
    • Dusty Bucket Drag Performance
  • 7:30pm 
    • Agata Why Drag Performance 
  • 7:45pm 
    • Amplexor
  • 8:30pm  
    • Apostle Jones 

Pride Rocks es uno de nuestros Días Comunitarios gratuitos Rock the Block. Obtén más información sobre todos nuestros programas e iniciativas comunitarias aquí!


Detalles del billete

Este evento gratuito tiene lugar en la plaza al aire libre, reserva tus entradas gratuitas más abajo.

; El evento no incluye la entrada al museo, pero puede adquirirse más abajo.; La entrada al museo es siempre gratuita para los socios y los residentes de la ciudad de Cleveland.; La entrada al museo es siempre gratuita para los socios y los residentes de la ciudad de Cleveland.
Non Members

Política meteorológica

Estamos en Ohio. El tiempo no siempre será perfecto, pero haremos todo lo posible para que estos espectáculos se lleven a cabo, llueva o haga sol.

Desgraciadamente, tendremos que cancelar el espectáculo si hace mal tiempo.

Acerca de Orgullo en la CLE

Orgullo en CLE un acontecimiento clave en Cleveland. Es una marcha que pretende mostrar la fuerza y la unidad de nuestra comunidad. Se anima a los visitantes a que acudan a la marcha siendo ellos mismos. Tras la marcha inaugural, el acto se convierte en un animado festival que dura todo el día y en el que participan una gran variedad de vendedores (en áreas de interés como la sanidad, el activismo, los grupos sociales y las organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro), así como un amplio abanico de música, espectáculos y DJs.


Centro LGBT

Rock Hall Live Powered by PNC
Rock Hall Live Powered by PNC

About the Performers and Performances

School of Rock

SOR Pride

School of Rock is a performance based music school for all skill levels, ages, and musical aspirations. With students ranging from 7 years old to adults, School of Rock is where music students grow into real musicians. The School of Rock patented results-driven programs combine one-on-one lessons with group band practices, making school of rock the ultimate music school for kids and adults


Near West Theater

Near West

Community. Theater. Near West Theatre builds loving relationships and engages diverse people in strengthening their sense of identity, passion, and purpose, individually and in community, through accessible, affordable and transformational theatre arts experiences.


Protest Fashion Lab Fashion Show

Protest Garment Photo

Protest Garment Lab fashion show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame featuring members of the LGBT Center’s QYou program! Participants will be modeling their own creations, made with support from artists Aram Han Sifuentes and Bun Stout as a part of the ongoing Protest Garment Lab, a project in which individuals make garments that are activated and worn during protest. The garments made in this project have hidden protest banners within them to protect the wearer and when they are opened, they highlight a moment of transformation.

This program is presented by moCa Cleveland and the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland with support provided by Arts Midwest.


Drag Storytime with Isis Tiffany Soul

Isis Tiffany Soul

Isis Tiffany Soul has been performing since the late 70's.  She is the first Miss Gay Black Ohio (Miss Black Gay Ohio  1977).  She marched in the first Gay Pride March.  Has worked with different Organizations throughout Ohio.  A board member of HOT (Haus Of Transcendent) and The B. Riley Sober House. She works with Akron Black Family Pride.  She is the reigning Miss Ohio All-Star Legend and Miss Ohio Snowqueen Superior 2023-24.


Kitty Delux 

Kitty Delux

Kitty Deluxe is originally from Youngstown, OH, and has been hula hooping since 2011. She started by teaching hula hoop fitness classes, and started performing with her hoops in 2014. After moving to Cleveland in 2020, Kitty started incorporating her love of drag into her performances, and is now performing as an AFAB Hula Hooping Drag Queen! Kitty recently won the title of Miss Allstar Youngstown Princess in 2023 and is competing for Miss Ohio Allstar Princess this year. She specializes in circus-style hooping with multiple hoops, and is known for sassy performances with her LEDs! We hope you enjoy the show!

Dusty Bucket 

Dusty Bucket

Dusty Bucket is a drag artist in Cleveland who produces shows such as "I'm Just Playing," "Wonderlanding," and "The Peek-a-Booth," and parties such as "Berghain't" and "Sapphic Night." They won Master of Amazement from Ohio Burlypicks in 2020, the Urgent Art Fund from SPACES in 2021, performed at Ingenuity Festival and Borderlight Festival in 2022 and will return this year, and was a featured artist at Austin International Drag Festival this year. They are a maximalist and a futurist, creating conceptual performances that expand the possibilities of the art form of drag, fringe performance, and theater.


Agata Why 

Agata Why

A proud Mexican Drag Queen, and a resident at the West 117 Studio.  Agata has seen an improvement in their life since begining drag, including they mental health.  They want to be an example for those who have had mental health issues, as they have had anxiety throughout their life.  That you can find ways to express and cope.  In the last 4 years, Agata has seen improvement in their everyday life, but aslo growth as an artist and performer.  They are thrilled to be an example, to show that as an immigrant you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  They love the way drag represent freedom of expression and that it allows them to embrace all their traits and passions, including being able to design and create their outfits they wear. 




Originally started in 2005, Amplexor is a blend of original synth-pop and experimental synth music. Up until 2021, it has been completely a solo effort by Ona Katzen. While influences of Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, and Depeche Mode can be heard, Amplexor songs are built “from the ground up”, with authenticity in sound design, lyrics, and vocals.
Since coming out publicly as transgender female in 2021, Ona has been totally reworking Amplexor to better fit her late-life-realized authentic gender identity. This artistic restart begins with a new album coming out in Fall 2023. For this new album project, her longtime friend Dustin Howie has teamed up to help take Amplexor to next-level songwriting and production. Previously, Amplexor was entirely a solo project. However, Dustin lives far away in Los Angeles, California. So, Ona still performs live entirely on her own until she finds a proper local bandmate.


Apostle Jones 

Apostle Jones

Apostle Jones is a dynamic, soul band ensemble that bends styles and genres to create a uniquely collaborative energy and sound. Pulling from collective influences of rock, r'n'b, blues, gospel, and funk, the Apostles soar with original music and a contagious joy for community. The band has been a top 5 "Best of Cleveland" band in Cleveland Scene, a top act to watch in Cleveland Magazine's Most Interesting People issue and has played across the midwest and northeast America. The band features lead singer Mikey Silas, Love Freely (vocals), Honey Monai (vocals), Michael Haburary (guitar), Alex Zinni (bass), Rashon Blake (drums), Charlie Wilson (sax), Eric Levine (trumpet) and Owen Brodhead (keys). Apostle Jones unites audiences with the music, positive vibes and gratitude. A core value is to have fun but also to uplift each other.