Rock Hall Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Sun Records with Panel Discussion

Saturday, September 14: 4:30 p.m. -

WHERE:   Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Hall of Fame Theater

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 The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is pleased to announce a Songwriters to Soundmen interview celebrating the 60th anniversary of Sun Records featuring music producer Hank Davis; Richard Weize, founder of Germany’s Bear Family Records and the Miller Sisters, Sun Studio recording artists . The event will be held Saturday, September 14 at 4:30 p.m.  in the museum’s Hall of Fame Theater on Level 3. This event is presented in conjunction with Bear Family Record’s recently released 3-set box set (The Sun Blues Box, The Sun Country Box, and The Sun Rock Box).  Each box contains 10 CDs complete with a booklet containing photos and detailed discography.   


Founded by deejay Sam Phillips in 1952, Sun Records is responsible for kick starting the careers of many influential recording artists. In 1954, Sun Records released the first single by Elvis Presley. Pairing up- tempo cover versions of Arthur Crudup’s blues tune “That’s All Right” with Bill Monroe’s bluegrass waltz “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” Phillips found a combination he long had sought: a singer whose style seamlessly incorporated elements of gospel, country and blues powered by unrelenting rhythm. Phillips went on to discover new talent at a dizzying pace: Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis all began their careers at Sun.  Sun Records changed popular music and ignited a revolution in popular culture. Despite changing tastes and ever- shifting trends, Memphis and Sun Records still embody the simplicity and the individuality common to the most enduring rock and roll. 


Hank Davis

Born in New York, Hank Davis made a handful of rockabilly records for small labels like Wizz and Stacy during the late 1950s & early '60s. A 38-track compilation of Hank's early 45s and demos has recently been released by Bear Family (“One Way Track” – BCD 17319). His recordings have also been released on the Redita label (Holland), Ace (UK), Folkways (US) and the Ducktail and Relaxed Rabbit labels (Canada).

Hank is best known today as a music journalist and reissue producer. He has been associated with over 50 reissue projects for labels including Bear Family, Charly, Rt. 66, Capitol and Polygram. His boxed set "Memphis Belles: The Women of Sun Records" was nominated by Rolling Stone as Best Reissue of the Year in 2003. Along with Colin Escott and Martin Hawkins, Hank produced Bear Family’s three critically acclaimed box sets of Sun Records blues, country and rock music.

Richard Weize                                                       

Richard Weize has been a passionate record collector since the late 1950s. Growing up in Germany, it was often a challenge to find the music he loved. His dedication and enthusiasm led to the founding of Bear Family Records in 1975. Richard has been described as “a manic workaholic who lives Bear Family sixteen hours a day, seven days a week.” Not surprisingly, his label has been described as “the Cadillac of the reissue industry.” 

Virtually everything in Bear Family’s award-winning catalogue – from Johnny Cash to Fats Domino - was produced by experts in the field who understand that to work for Bear Family is to strive for perfection. Weize’s choice of material to release is not geared to mainstream taste and sales of many lavish box sets barely meet production costs. Almost every release by Bear Family was created as a labor of love, and collectors have come to associate Weize’s product with the highest production standards. One now-famous quote says it all: “Many artists would rather see their name on a Bear Family box set than on a Grammy.”

The Miller Sisters

Mildred and Elsie Jo Miller are a harmony group from Mississippi who joined Sun records after being discovered by Sam Phillips in 1955, who was impressed by their talent and vocal presence. Mildred was just seventeen years old, and Elsie Jo was married to Mildred’s older brother, Roy, who would sometimes sing with them. They sang backup on numerous Sun Records recordings, and performed with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Warren Smith, and George Jones, as well as an appearance on the Ernest Tubb Record Show in Nashville. 

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For those who wonder how songs become recordings, how recordings become hits, or how the show gets on the road, this series offers both answers and anecdotes beyond imagination.

From label executives to producers to guitar techs, the music industry is populated with remarkable characters who have equally remarkable stories to tell. If many of us know a whole lot about the stars, too few among us know about the folks who work alongside the stars, who discover stars, who direct the careers of stars, who produce their songs. 

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