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Aug 25

Hello!3D & DLHR

08:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Union Home Mortgage Plaza
Let's Rock
We've got live music hitting our outdoor stage every Thurs & Fri in July & August. Rock Hall Live, our summer concert series, is powered by PNC.
Ticket Details

Tickets for the Hello!3D & DLHR show are FREE. Please reserve your free tickets below. Museum admission is not included.

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Weather Policy

We're in Ohio. The weather won't always be perfect, but we'll do our best to make these shows happen, rain or shine.

Unfortunately, we'll have to cancel the show under severe weather.

About Hello!3D

Hello!3D is a band that plays “Hot Weather Music” despite being from the infamously cold city of Cleveland, Ohio.

They are influenced by the psychedelic sounds of 60’s and 70’s South American Cumbia, Chicha and Afro-Latin freakout grooves.

Jake Fader - guitar
John Galvez - guitar
Neil Chastain - percussion
Joe Tomino - drums
Cutty Calhoun - keys
Edward Ángel Sotelo - bass

About DLHR

Daddy Longleg's Homegrown Revival formed in early 2015 as a Mardi Gras show band steeped in theatrics, but rapidly evolved into a live act that blended the edges of their southern soul, Americana, funk, and R&B, into variety of global grooves and Afro-Caribbean beats.

The band's live concerts have the atmosphere of a street party and the spirit of revival. DLHR plays a hearty gumbo of styles, from yearning ballads and driving pulsating afro-pop rhythms to Carnival-esque sambas and Israeli inspired oom-pahs, from straight ahead rock to deep burning soul.

Daddy Longleg's Homegrown Revival is funky, tight, and energetic on the stage and they carry a positive message that celebrates living life as "humans without borders". DLHR is here to remind the world that through the expression of music, art, and dance, we truly are One!





Rock Hall Live powered by PNC
Rock Hall Live powered by PNC

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