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Feb 07

Hip Hop Culture & Education


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Rock Hall Museum
Presented in Conjunction with the Rock Hall's Black History Month Celebration
The Intersection between Hip Hop Culture & Education is a free lecture
About the Lecture

2013 Inductee Chuck D of Public Enemy will join the lecture as a special guest

The Intersection between Hip Hop Culture & Education is an interactive dialogue and discovery presenting Hip Hop as a world culture with life affirming principles using videos, audio, narrative, demonstration and performance. From connecting ancient African history to contemporary styles, to sharing a story of an artist who came from the streets of East Cleveland to becoming and international Hip Hop artist and activist, The Intersection provides participants the opportunity to explore various elements of Hip Hop in an educational, fun, and cultural way full of rich narratives and motivation for future artists and educators.

This event is free with a reservation and is presented as part of the Rock Hall’s Black History Month celebration. 

Jahi’s Bio:

Jahi, originally from East Cleveland, Ohio is a MC, artist, and educator who lives in Oakland, California. He is also an Artist In Practice at Holy Names University teaching a course on Hip Hop culture, and VP of A&R for Chuck D's Spitslam Recordings.  Jahi has released 16 albums, is a member Public Enemy RADIO (Chuck D, DJ Lord, Jahi, S1W's) and lectures at museums all over the world on Hip Hop culture. He has been featured on Okayplayer, HiphopDX, Billboard, Oakland Magazine and Cleveland Scene to name a few.  His most recent album, Nation Builder, is available on all music platforms on Spitslam Recordings, and Jahi will be releasing his first book- The Microphone Journeyman in February 2020 on Enemy Books.

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