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May 29

Kraftwerk Fan Day

Fan Day
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Rock Hall Museum
Calling all Kraftwerk Fans
Come get your your electronic music jam on.
Event Details

Stop by the Rock Hall’s interactive exhibit, The Garage, to pick up an instrument – drums, guitars, bass, keyboards - and play or sing Kraftwerk's songs in the jam room. Whether jamming with friends or creating an impromptu fan band with The Garage’s musicians, who will be prepared to play Kraftwerk songs all day, the Jam space boasts a full band setup, stocked with real, high-quality gear, where you can participate in collaborative audio and video recording or freestyle jam sessions.

In the 2021 Inductee exhibit, we pay tribute to Kraftwerk’s music videos; their avant-garde visual style had extraordinary influence on artists from ensuing generations.

Fans can also view Kraftwerk footage from the Rock Hall’s vault, including highlights from their 2021 Induction, which will be played all day in the Museum’s Foster Theater.

Hear Kraftwerk's music played inside the Museum and on the Rock Hall Rock Boxes located downtown along East 9th Street.

In addition, the Rock Hall’s Long Live Rock art installation will honor Kraftwerk, providing fans with a perfect photo opportunity to celebrate their music and their legacy.

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