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Adrian Belew
Jul 22

Adrian Belew

08:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Let's Rock.
We've got live music hitting our outdoor PNC Stage all summer long.
How to Get Tickets

Event tickets for the Adrian Belew show are $25. Museum admission is not included.

Event Plus tickets are $45 and include admission to the concert as well as the Museum after 5pm on the 22nd. That’s 3 hours at our Museum and then a killer show.

What a dope night.

Non Members
Weather Policy

We're in Ohio. The weather won't always be perfect, but we'll do our best to make these shows happen, rain or shine.

If there is severe weather, we'll work to bring this show inside.

About Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew first appeared on the guitar-world radar when he toured with Frank Zappa in 1977 who later said, “Adrian reinvented electric guitar”. Adrian’s signature tones, unique use of effects and whammy bar remains completely different, and his techniques continue to be a huge influence on today’s guitarists.

He was guitarist, songwriter and frontman Progressive Rock Powerhouse King Crimson for over 30 years. “Discipline”, Adrian’s first record with King Crimson, is listed among the most important rock records ever made.

Adrian has had a career that commands both awe and respect from fellow musicians and loyal fans, from his first solo record “The Lone Rhino” to the Atlantic Records hit album “Mr. Music Head” or any of his other 20 plus solo records that push sonic boundaries while maintaining artistic integrity.

Adrian shreds on guitar but also writes beautiful songs that will make you cry. Yes, Adrian has taken his fans on a wild ride through countless world tours and albums with David Bowie, Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, and Paul Simon. He truly is the Twang Bar King!

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