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Ribbon Cutting During the Opening of Special Exhibit Forever Warped
Sep 27

From the Museum: Vans Warped Tour

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12:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Warped Tour at 25: Special Exhibit
This week's From the Museum explores 25 years of DIY-festivals and a look into skater and counter-culture through the Vans Warped Tour. Now on display in the Baker Gallery.
From the Museum: Forever Warped

On display in the Baker Gallery, Forever Warped: 25 Years of Warped Tour takes fans through the "punk summer camp" memories and highlights the tour was known for. A DIY-friendly and alternative music launch pad, Vans Warped Tour's stages have been the training ground for many punk, ska and alternative bands throughout the years and messages of activism and social responsibility were the guiding forces behind organizations and partners that were part of the festival.

To open the special exhibit in June 2019 we were one of the last stops on the final Warped Tour schedule and to celebrate the exhibit's opening we hosted an all-day festival event on our plaza. 

Videos on playlist include interviews with Warped Tour alum Simple Plan, Hawthorne Heights, We the Kings, Meg & Dia, Emery and The Slackers, performances from the exhibit opening, dedication remarks and a special Vault Tour with Simple Plan.

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