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What’s next for rock? Explore some of music’s current chart-topping artists and up-and-comers and see how they have been shaped and influenced by Rock Hall Inductees. We also celebrate what is happening now in the music industry, featuring albums, documentary films and new projects that are making a mark in contemporary culture.

The music of the 21st century is as exciting and varied as any other period in rock & roll history. The rapid, exhilarating speed of technological innovations provides artists with new ways to create and fans with new ways to listen to and experience music. But it’s not any easier to be good – the most talented artists still stand out.  

Though distinct musical genres still exist, the boundaries that divided them are blurring more every day, and countless new subsets of rock & roll music pop up in unpredictable ways. Digital file sharing has also challenged our ideas about how we own music.    

During this time, our access has changed dramatically – access to music, to information, and (most notably) to the past. The digitization of music creates a portal through which we can experience music of any era, creating the first major paradigm shift in music since the rise of MTV in the early 1980s.  

In this exhibit, you’ll see and hear a representation of rock & roll’s branches that have made an impact during the new millennium. Keep your ears open as you listen and try to find connections between other music celebrated in the Museum. And if you don’t believe it, we encourage you to listen again.

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