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Technicolor Dreaming:Psychedelic Posters from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum


The pop art and the counterculture movements of the mid-1960’s led to the rise of a new visual style, the psychedelic poster. Over thirty such posters, influenced by a combination of rock music and hallucinogenic drugs, are featured in an exhibition organized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. The collection includes examples from the two main series of San Francisco psychedelic rock concert posters, Bill Graham Presents and Family Dog Presents and features leading American and British rock artists of the era playing at venues such as the Avalon and Fillmore ballrooms, among others.

Psychedelic Posters



Number of Works

33 framed posters

Size of Images

Approx. 23” x 16” each

Shipping Information

2 crates; Hosting institution pays shipping by fine arts shipper


Hosting institution is responsible for certificate of insurance prior to shipping

Public Relations

Digital images are available for public relations purposes.

Supplemental Materials

Identification labels and text panel are available on formatted disc and as hard copy.


Museums, galleries, libraries and other institutions with professional staff

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