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Scott Muni on Alan Freed

Well, I don't have to give you a lot of history, but I'll give you just a brief bit, because some of my friends are here. When I was a kid, I grew up in New Orleans, I went to a studio on North Rampart Street owned by Cosmo Motasus [?]. Cosmo had Fats Domino in the sound room with Lee Alan on saxophone, Dave Bartholomew. I guess I was 18, 19 years old - I was young at one time - and I got to hear Fats Domino record some hits. And I want to tell you, what went on in that one-room studio, well it sold a couple of million records, and I said, 'I really like this music,' and then by the time I was 25, I went to WAKR in Akron, to take over a job from seven to midnight that Alan Fr.... [tape cuts out] ...Well, it is was in 1965 - actually '66, '65 - that Alan died at a very young age; but what he did in his 42 years was fantastic. Everybody in this room owes a lot to Alan Freed.

Alan Freed