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Blondie accepts their induction

Clem Burke:  Well, hello Cleveland. All right.  I'm the drummer - here's my drumsticks.  Anyway, I'd like to thank everybody that was responsible for getting us here tonight, both past and present.  I'd especially like to thank Hilly Crystal at CBGB, who is certainly somebody who needs to be in the Hall of Fame with us.  Ronnie Binghamheimer in L.A., the first person to play a Blondie record in America.  And of course my bandmates, my mom and dad, my wife, and it's great to be in the company of such greats as Earl Palmer, Hal Blaine, Keith Moon... And of course, I want to thank John, Paul, George, and Ringo for showing me the way.  Thank you very much.

Chris Stein:  I would also... there's really a lot of people we want to thank, but you know, it's long.  I saw Terry Ellis and Chris Wright, who gave us a big break. I saw Cousin Brucie tonight, and when I was a teenager, I used to really sit in my bedroom and listen to him, and he was a major part of my rock and roll upbringing.  I want to thank my wife and my two kids, and mostly... all the people... you'll see Blondie was a very big band, there's even more than this back in the day.  But I mostly want to thank Debbie for sticking with me through all this nonsense.  And thank Seymour and Linda too, for your support.  Richard, too, Richard Gottehrer also, thank you.  It's a long damn list, there's a lot of people involved with our success. It's really a nice thing.  And Shirley, that was really, you know - that really put dents in my cynicism.  Thank you very much.

Debbie Harry:  Thank you, Jimmy.  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you is not enough, but you know, we do have a long list of people that helped get us here, and some of them are actually performers, and some of them are actually girls, so...  Tish and Snooky, and Julie and Jackie, wherever you may be, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And all the rest of you are tremendous musicians that we've worked with over the years.  And all the record people - the record company people and producers.  It's been really great.  Thank you.

Frank Infante:  Hello, I'm Frank, I'm the guitar player.  And I'd like to thank the Hall of Fame for recognizing us, and not writing us - me and Nigel and Gary out of rock and roll history - and I promised I'd be a good boy tonight.  My mom is over there; hey, Mom.  Hello.  You know, this is one of the greatest gigs you can do, and be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and actually that could really make it better, would be if we could actually perform for you tonight; but for some reason, some of us are not allowed to do that, so.  I don't know what we could do about that.  Debbie, is that allowed?  No?  We'd like to play with you guys.  Me, Nigel, not tonight?  Pretty please?

Debbie Harry:  Can't you see my band is up there?

Infante:  Your band?  I thought Blondie was being inducted tonight.  Sorry.

Debbie Harry: 
Leigh Foxx, Paul Carbonara, and Kevin Patrick.

Infante: Are they being inducted?  I don't know.  Thank you.

Nigel Harrison:  It's nice to see everyone out of the courtroom, that's the first positive thing.  But I've got to say after watching all that footage of us tonight, I felt like I was going to my own funeral.  But it was... I don't know, whatever.  It's messed up for us.  We want to play, obviously.  We were part of it.  We've been led to believe we weren't part of it.  It sucks.  And welcome to Bingo night.  OK, bye.