The 1988 Induction Ceremony

On January 20, 1988, twelve hundred guests gathered at the Waldorf-Astoria, and by the night's end some of them were dancing on the tabletops. This may have been the best jam of all time. "The night took on a magical tone, reported Kurt Loder in the March 10, 1988 issue of Rolling Stone, once Mick Jagger "strolled onstage, totally relaxed and charming" to induct the Beatles. "His speech was a small revelation. Never before had Jagger seemed so guilelessly appealing." Bruce Springsteen dressed in a silk suit and bolo tie , also made a heartfelt speech to induct Bob Dylan.

Little Richard about the night: "It was a beautiful reunion. Bob Dylan said it was a beautiful evening. Bruce said the same thing. Mick said it seemed like old times. I don't think it's gonna get no bigger than that."

And Les Paul commented on his own contribution: "I have been credited with inventing a few things that you guys are using out there. About the most I can say is, 'Have a lot of fun with my toys.'"

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