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Marv Stuart Hyman on Curtis Mayfield at the Induction Ceremony

Thank you.  I'm Marv Stuart Hyman.  I've been Curtis Mayfield's manager, partner, and friend for 30 years.  Standing next to me is his love - the woman who's stood by him, cared for him since the day of the accident and well before that, Altheda Mayfield, Mrs. Curtis Mayfield.  And representing all of his children is Mr. Shay Mayfield.  Curtis was honored a few years ago when he was inducted with the Impressions.  The honor that you bestowed upon him tonight moved him a great deal.  As of Thursday, he was coming in to be the recipient of this award.  Unfortunately, with his medical condition, and some setbacks, he couldn't attend.  But he wanted me to say the following things.  First of all, he wants to thank the recording industry, Warner Brothers Records for all their love and support, BMI, Francis Preston, and his fans, who have made it all possible.  The artists, through the years, who have recorded his music, that have kept his music alive the last nine years, with the evolution of hip-hop and rap, all of you that have sampled his music, from Coolio to Dr. Dre, Tupak, Puff Daddy, Lauryn Hill, who just mixed and did a duet with Mr. Mayfield - all of you have made his life worthwhile.  I said to Curtis, "There's nothing I can say with the circumstances [that] befell you."  He says, "Don't feel sorry for me; it could've happened to anybody.  I was just there."  It's his music that goes on.  Bruce Springsteen, whom you're honoring tonight, and Eric Clapton, who you'll hear from in a minute, are two special people who Curtis wanted me to personally thank.  They were the first two artists to join and be part of a tribute album of Curtis' music.  Eric Clapton has been behind Curtis, has spoken for Curtis, and has done a tremendous amount of things from day one since his accident, probably way before that, and for that he sends his love.  All I can say to all of you in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: thank you - thank you for honoring my friend while his eyes are still open.