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Linda Ronstadt

Induction category: Performer


Nearly 20 years after she became eligible, Linda Ronstadt was finally nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and, of course, was elected on the first ballot. Linda herself (I call her Linda because we have been friends for nearly40 years) has never been much for award ceremonies – Hall of Fame, Grammys, whatever. "I don't want to seem ungracious," she told me, graciously. "But I've refused all comment about this." One tricky aspect of her relation to the Hall of Fame is that Linda (b. July 15, 1946) has long since gone beyond rock in her madly diverse ...

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Linda Ronstadt Highlights

"I think she inspired all of us. To this day, as my friend Don Henley said, I'm still learning from her."

- Glenn Frey

"I think that all of us girl singers that started out after Linda became very famous, in a way, wanted to be her and wanted to sound like her."

- Stevie Nicks

"Linda Ronstadt has definitely had an impact on my music and has been involved in so many different genres of music. I mean she really is the kind of person that I feel like we all strive for our careers to be like."

- Carrie Underwood

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