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The (Young) Rascals


Felix Cavaliere was born.


Dino Danelli was born.


Gene Cornish was born.


Eddie Brigati was born.


Veterans of such bands as Joe Dee and the Starliters, the Unbeatables and Felix and the Escorts come together as the Rascals. They begin rehearsing in singer Eddie Brigati’s basement in Garfield, New Jersey.


The Rascals perform at the Phone Booth, a club in the “discotheque district” of Manhattan’s East Side. Their high-energy set attracts the attention of record labels, and the group signs with Atlantic Records.


The Rascals’ debut single, “I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore,” is released. It is credited to the Young Rascals, as are all of their records through 1967.


“Good Lovin’,” a spirited remake of a song by the Olympics, becomes the Rascals’ first #1 hit.


“Groovin’” becomes the Rascals’ second chart-topping single. It holds down the top spot for four weeks, finally giving way to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect"—which was also on Atlantic Records.


The Rascals third #1 hit, “People Got to Be Free,” reaches the top of the charts, where it remains for five weeks.


‘Time Peace/The Rascals’ Greatest Hits’, the Rascals’ best-selling album, hits #1 in the midst of a year-long run.


The Rascals release the ambitious ‘Freedom Suite’, comprising a disc of short songs and one of lengthy instrumentals. It joins the Who’s ‘Tommy’, Cream’s ‘Wheels of Fire’ and the Beatles’ White Album as one of a relative few double albums from the Sixties.


“Carry Me Back,” the Rascals’ last single to make the Top Forty, enters the chart.


Eddie Brigati leaves the Rascals.


Gene Cornish leaves the Rascals after the recording of their final Atlantic album, ‘Search and Nearness’. Having signed to Columbia Records, founding members Felix Cavaliere and Dino Danelli expand the Rascals’ lineup and adapt a jazzier approach.


The Rascals disband after their final album, ‘The Island of Real’, peaks at #180.


The Rascals re-form, minus Eddie Brigati, for a “Good Lovin’ ‘88” tour and perform at Atlantic Records’ 40th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden in New York.


The Rascals are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the twelfth annual induction dinner. Steve Van Zant is their presenter.