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Elton John on the Beach Boys

Good Evening. As you might possibly guess, I'm English, you see, and this band... In England, we sort of had all our own bands, and we all had all the American R&B music, but the Beach Boys were the first band, or the first white band I can ever remember being in England, who were summing up America. And if you lived in England, all you ever wanted to do was go to America, and everything you ever dreamed of was American. And this band not only wrote great songs, initially writing surf music, but they did more than that. As a musician, you graduated from just listening to pop songs, to bands that produced new sounds and records. This band were geniuses. They still are, I mean, but they made me love America so much more, because they existed. I'm not going to go on about it, but to me, they've influenced my writing. They are, for me, what America is - a very, very wonderful place to be. The Beach Boys.

The Beach Boys