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Arlo Guthrie accepts induction on behalf of Woody Guthrie

"You can figure a lot of things in this world, but this isn't one of them.  I am fairly positive that if my dad had been alive today, this is the one place he wouldn't be. I understand that. Or he woulda showed up drunk. Sometimes things seem out of place. But I was thinking of what to say, and the only thing I could really think of, was that the one thing my dad would've really thought, was that to be a human is to come and go sometimes; you don't have a body for long, but you have a spirit.  And as long as there's people (and there's a lot of them in this room tonight) who care about other people around the world, who do the Farm Aid shows, and the shows for folks over in Africa or wherever it is, his spirit is still alive - still working, still singing - and I think this is why I had to come anyhow, and say thank you."

Woody Guthrie