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Welcome to Digital Classroom, the Rock Hall's online hub for educators.

Here, you'll find a wealth of resources spanning different content areas that will bring the excitement and power of rock and roll into your classroom. Try one of our lesson plans, or customize your own using the videos, infographics, artifacts, and other materials offered here.

We suggest you get started by reviewing our core concepts videos, which introduce some of the themes and skills we emphasize throughout Digital Classroom. Then, choose a song module to find materials organized around some of the songs that shaped rock and roll.

Digital Classroom is a work in progress. Watch this page for exciting things to come—and stay in touch! We would love to hear what you think. [email protected]

Core Concepts: Videos

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What should you listen for in a song? What can examining a musical artifact tell us? What really goes on behind the scenes of a performance or recording? Our core concept videos help you to answer the big questions about studying rock and roll.


How to Listen

The learner will be able to: (1) Understand listening as paying attention to the process of perception, (2) Identify musical patterns in rock and roll and across styles, (3) Identify and describe fundamentals of music: rhythm, pitch, dynamics, timbre/texture, melody/harmony, (4) Listen objectively while still recognizing personal aesthetic preference.

How to Interpret an Artifact

The learner will be able to: (1) Understand what an artifact is and identify types of artifacts key to the history of rock and roll, (2) Identify what artifacts can reveal about the history of rock and roll, (3) Use strategies to connect observations/visual understanding of artifacts to the broader history they represent.

The Electric Guitar

The learner will be able to: (1) Understand the development of the solid body electric guitar, (2) Understand when and why guitar effects were first used, (3) Understand how each of these effects are made through the manipulation of sound.

Recording a Song, Part 1: Recording Process

The learner will be able to: (1) Explain how the recording process works, (2) Connect the recording process to aesthetics of music.

Recording a Song, Part 2: Mixing Process is coming soon!

Classroom Resources: Song Modules

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Every song is a portal into a specific time, place, and culture. We want to help you and your students listen purposefully and dig deep into context! Select a song below to access related lesson plans and multimedia resources developed by the Rock Hall's education team.

Partner Modules

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