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OPENED: november 10, 2016

CLOSED: May 28, 2018

MELLENCAMP tells story of a complex artist who forged his own path – transforming from manager-named “Johnny Cougar” to self-possessed John Mellencamp, a music and visual artist, a champion of heartland values, and an advocate for American farmers. 

The exhibit is comprised mainly of artifacts from Mellencamp’s personal collection. Over 100 items are on display, including:

  • His 1966 Silver Honda Scrambler 305 motorcycle 
  • Personal photographs and ephemera 
  • Original handwritten lyrics to “Small Town,” “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.,” “Cherry Bomb,” “Pop Singer,” and “"Longest Days" ("Life Is Short").” 
  • Mellencamp’s main Dove acoustic guitar used in his songwriting sessions and live performances from the 70s through 90s. 
  • Items related to the recording of his most successful song “Jack & Diane” 
  • Performance outfits 
  • Six of his original paintings 
  • Selections from an exclusive multi-hour interview with Mellencamp done specifically for the exhibition

For more information please contact Matt Seaman at [email protected] or by phone: 216-515-1209

Traveling Schedule

  • Woody Guthrie Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma - 8/30/2018 - 1/13/2019


Mellencamp: Inside the Exhibit

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I would like this exhibit to let people know, or discover, that I really have spent my entire life living the way that I want to live, and doing what I want to do. And, that I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world for being able to do that.

John Mellencamp