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The J. Geils Band

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2005, 2006, 2011, 2017, 2018
  • Stephen Jo Bladd
  • Magic Dick
  • J. Geils
  • Seth Justman
  • Danny Klein
  • Peter Wolf

They kicked out a joyful and infectious brand of R&B-based rock and roll.

In the 80s they streamlined their sound and created radio-friendly rock tunes that seized the passion of the newly created MTV generation.


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Those who know the J. Geils Band only for their MTV era hits (“Love Stinks,” “Centerfold,” “Freeze Frame”) don’t know the J. Geils Band at all.

During the long years between the demise of the Butterfield Blues Band and Mitch Ryder’s Detroit Wheels and the rise of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger and Tom Petty, the J. Geils Band kept alive a joyful and very American brand of R&B-based rock and roll.

Led by Jerome Geils’ blues guitar and Magic Dick’s virtuoso harp, the bedrock rhythm of bassist Danny Klein and drummer Stephen Jo Bladd, keyboard player/composer Seth Justman, and the inexhaustible Peter Wolf up front, Geils was a band with heart, brains and a wide range of styles – from deep blues (“Serve You Right To Suffer”) to soul (“Looking For A Love”), doo-wop (“I Do”) and funk (“Flame Thrower”).

The band could write a country song so convincing it was covered by Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris (“Cry One More Time”) and even came up with the first U.S. reggae hit (“Give It To Me”). With 1977’s Monkey Island and 1978’s Sanctuary, the bad boys from Boston explored darker themes before going for a streamlined, radio-friendly sound with Love Stinks (1980) and Freeze-Frame (1981), which hit number one on both the U.S. singles and album charts. Shortly after that the band broke up. They put in fifteen years of hard work. They went out on top.

selected discography

“Hard Drivin’ Man,” “Homework,” “First I Look At The Purse,” The J. Geils Band (1970) • “Looking For A Love,” “Cry One More Time,” The Morning After (1971) • Full House (Live) (1972) • “Give It To Me,” “Southside Shuffle,” “Houseparty,” Bloodshot, Ladies Invited (1973) • “Must Of Got Lost,” “Detroit Breakdown,” Nightmares… (1974) • “Love-Itis,” Hotline (1975) • “Where Did Our Love Go,” Blow Your Face Out (Live) (1976) • “Surrender,” Monkey Island (1977) • “One Last Kiss,” Sanctuary (1978) • Love Stinks (1980) • “Centerfold,” Freeze-Frame (1981)  


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