Long Live Rock Klipsch Audio Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Plan Your Visit: August 1

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 11:00am

Rock hall live music

Groove at the Rock Hall with local talent in our beer garden.

Happy Hour Band: Michael Czubaj and The Blue Reign from 5:00-7:00p.m.

The blues music flows through the veins of Michael Czubaj, a 17 year-old pianist and vocalist.  Michael has been traveling the tri-state area, even as far as Mississippi.  He believes that no matter the time nor place, the music is what can change the world and he has dedicated 15 years out of his life to refining his craft.  He will be attending Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, in the fall, to study Music Education and plans to continue to his PhD in Music.  “Once you find something you love, hold on and don’t let go” he says, which shows his love for music.

Staying busy through his high school year, Michael still finds time to participate in outside bands and activities.  He closes up his 7 year run being the principal pianist of the Lakeland Jazz Impact, ending his high school career as a Cadet First Lieutenant in Civil Air Patrol and moves on from his 4 years at Cleveland Institute of Music.  Volunteering around the community really helps him connect with people and different styles of life, which helps him feel the music more.  “I play the music for the feeling and for the audience” he exclaims after playing at Ground Zero in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  

Michael started his musical career by winning best of show in the Lake County Fair and even traveling to Florida to compete in front of casting agents and modeling agencies.  He met the the members of Blue Reign at Sean Carney’s Camp Blues in Columbus, Ohio.  The Blue Reign consists of Sean Carney on guitar, Eli Pace on bass and Brandon Pettiford on drums.  The all love to play with someone who has so much knowledge and care for the music like internationally known guitarist, Sean Carney.  Sean has helped shape their love for the music and help enhance their skills throughout the years.