The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio Tells Rocks History

Pride on the Plaza with Lady J Martinez

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 6:00pm



The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is celebrating Pride in Cleveland with a live Drag Show and DJ Dance party.  The festivities kick off on the Rock Hall's Plaza at 6pm. 


Food and drink available for purchase from Rock Hall Food Trucks and the All Access Cafe.

This event takes place on the Rock Hall’s outdoor plaza and Rock Hall Live Stage. A separate admission ticket must be purchased to tour the Rock Hall exhibits. Museum admission free for Members and City of Cleveland Residents. Click here to purchase an admission ticket. 

If weather is inclement (heavy winds, heavy rain, lightning), portions (or the entirety) of this event may be moved inside, delayed, and/or cancelled at the discretion of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since this is a free event, no refunds will be offered.


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Dr. Lady J

Dr. Lady J is the world’s first doctor of drag and travels the country educating the public about the history of drag performance as the Official Drag Historian of the Austin International Drag Foundation. Her dissertation “From the Love Ball to RuPaul: The Mainstreaming of Drag in the 1990s” is currently at over 1000 downloads and is available for free at! She was also selected as the drag queen coordinator and one of only three drag performers featured in the opening ceremonies of the Gay Games IX and headlined at the 2018 Austin International Drag Festival. Lady J is currently working on her forthcoming podcast "Untucking the Past" which will focus on drag and LGBTQ+ history.

Samantha Echo

Samantha Echo is Cleveland’s premier internationally ignored Delusional Diva. She is the creator of “Dungeons & Drag Queens Cleveland” as well as the headliner for the scripted comedy drag show “The Delusional Divas of Drag” at Pickwick and Frolic. Samantha recently won the Scene Magazine Reader’s Choice Best Drag Queen of 2019 as well as the 2017 and 2018 Ohio Burlypicks Master of Lip Sync.

Terri Williams

A Cleveland native, Terri Williams is a truly legendary queen who has been performing for 25 years! A pageant competitor not to be trifled with, Terri has won many titles in her career at the city, sate, and national levels. She is a former Miss Continental Plus, a former Miss Gay Black Ohio, a CEO, and a proud trans woman who loves doing drag! She has performed at Pride many times and enjoys performing for the LGBTQ+ community and our straight allies as well.

DJ Saint

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Zoë Lapin (aka Saint) is the quintessential DJ's DJ. A young veteran of the business, Zoë’s sets have graced dance floors all over the country. Always blending an orchestral arrangement of rhythms with a dynamic energy that is simply captivating, if not even positively overwhelming-one is guaranteed to go through an almost otherworldly experience. A native and resident of Cleveland, Zoë has garnered international acclaim from the global DJ community, working alongside some of the most legendary and iconic DJs in the field.