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Rock Hall EDU Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with New Collection

Collection resources include BTS and BLACKPINK activity packs, a ukulele playlist, an I.M. Pei PowerPoint & more!

Celebrate the varied cultures, traditions, and sounds from the Pacific Islands through to the Middle East with Rock Hall EDU's new Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Collection.

The collection, created by the Rock Hall’s award-winning education team, is meant to help teachers, parents, and guardians increase and develop their students’ awareness of artists and executives of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage who have made lasting impacts on the history of rock and roll.

Examine the architecture of the Rock Hall's designer, I.M. Pei, use BLACKPINK and BTS activity packs to explore modern rock & roll coming out of Asia and its connections to Rock Hall Inductees, listen to the ukulele playlist to see how the instrument incorporated into the rock & roll sound, play along on the ukulele with Jake Shimabukuro, and more.

Teachers and parents can create a free account at Rock Hall EDU ( to explore and download resources developed by our award- winning education team. You’ll find professionally developed lesson plans, activities and downloadable activity sheets, presentations, videos, playlists, writing prompts, and more to engage students in the power of rock & roll as they learn about history, language arts, science, math and, of course, music. All materials meet national and state learning standards. 

Rock Hall EDU posts new content regularly and encourages parents and teachers to submit requests and feedback to edu[email protected]


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