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Rock Hall EDU Introduces Afrofuturism Collection in Collaboration with TeachRock

Available resources include an Elements of Afrofuturism Activity Pack, Parliament-Funkadelic Samples in Hip-Hop video & more!

In celebration of Black Music Month and Juneteenth, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s award-winning education team joined forces with TeachRock to launch the new Rock Hall EDU Afrofuturism Collection.

Afrofuturism is an aesthetic and philosophy celebrating Black heritage through a futuristic perspective, where the visuals and sounds often combine ancient African civilizations’ imagery with technology and space travel themes from the 20th century. Afrofuturistic concepts are a connective thread throughout the African diaspora, appearing in Black American Spirituals and folktales of the 19th century. The aesthetic gains a foothold in American popular culture as early as the 1930s before gaining traction with groups like Labelle, Earth, Wind and Fire and Labelle in the 1960s and 1970s. The term was coined in author Mark Dery’s piece “Black to the Future: Interviews with Samuel R. Delany, Greg Tate, and Tricia Rose” featured in the 1994 book Flame Wars: The Discourse of Cyberculture. From the casting of Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Nyota Uhura in 1966’s Star Trek TV series to the performative art and music of 1997 Rock Hall Inductees Parliament-Funkadelic, Afrofuturism projects an aspirational future where people of color hold places of prominence, privilege and success within their societies and cultures.

Use the collection to introduce students to the essential sounds, fashion, imagery, and philosophy of Afrofuturism. The Elements of Afrofuturism Activity Pack guides learners through exploring Parliament-Funkadelic as a prime example of Afrofuturism in popular music. The Parliament-Funkadelic Samples in Hip-Hop video guides students in identifying the influence P-Funk’s 1970’s musical had on the emerging 1980’s and 1990’s hip-hop.

Teachers and parents can create a free account at Rock Hall EDU ( to explore and download resources developed by our award- winning education team. You’ll find professionally developed lesson plans, activities and downloadable activity sheets, presentations, videos, playlists, writing prompts, and more to engage students in the power of rock & roll as they learn about history, language arts, science, math and, of course, music. All materials meet national and state learning standards.

Rock Hall EDU posts new content regularly and encourages parents and teachers to submit requests and feedback to [email protected].


Launched by Little Steven and the Founders Board of Bono, Jackson Browne, Martin Scorsese, and Bruce Springsteen, has provided free, standards-aligned resources to help teachers, students, and families succeed for more than a decade.

In every era, wherever humans may be on the globe, popular music tells our story. TeachRock empowers teachers and engages students by using popular music to create interdisciplinary, culturally responsive education materials for all 21st-century classrooms. The more than 200 lesson plans in the RRFF’s TeachRock curriculum foster genuine learning through arts integration in areas including social studies, language arts, STEAM, general music, and math. From The Beatles to Beyoncé, from early elementary to AP History, for use in the classroom or students’ independent exploration—TeachRock offers engaging and meaningful material, all at no cost to teachers, students, and families.

The Afrofuturism collection and so much more content can be found at Follow TeachRock on Instagram (@teachrockorg), Twitter (@TeachRock), Facebook (@TeachRock), and YouTube (

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