Say it Loud Story Booths Sponsored by PNC at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Say It Loud! Stories: The Power of Music

Rock connects us. 

After our new Power of Rock Experience media show, visitors have the chance to record personal stories about rock and what it means to them in our Say It Loud! story booths. With the support of PNC, we're bringing those stories to you. Draw connections and hear from fellow fans why rock is important in our first episode, "The Power of Music" below. 

The Power of Music

Rock connects us. It’s deeply personal and at the same time brings us together to share memories and experiences made more important by the music that accompanied each moment.

As a part of the new Power of Rock Experience, our Say It Loud! story booths give each visitor a chance to record memories about how Rock has changed lives. We’re bringing you these stories with the help of PNC Bank because music impacts all of us and creates important connections between friends, family and fellow fans.

It always comes back to the music.

Watch some of the stories created at the Rock Hall and when you visit, share your own memories. We may feature you in a future episode of Say It Loud! Stories. 

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