Image: Larry Singer

Stories of Rock

A Tribute to Prince

Prince Performing Onstage at the Induction Ceremony 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
In honor of Prince's electrifying music and legacy onstage, we've created a tribute to him with footage from his 2004 Induction Ceremony. Watch and sing along.

40 Years of The Misfits: An Interview with Jerry Only

Jerry Only of the Misfits Gives the Rock Hall an Exclusive Interview
Exclusive 40th anniversary Misfits interview with founding member Jerry Only. 

Revolutions: Pearl Jam's "Ten"

Pearl Jam 1991 Rockers with Debut Album Ten Rock Hall Revolutions
1991 was a pivotal year for rock 'n' roll, thanks in no small part to Pearl Jam's uncompromising debut album Ten.

Memories of Inductions Past

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performing at the 2015 Rock Hall Inductions
What were the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's Induction Ceremonies like before they were broadcast on television? Writer Andy Schwartz reveals some of his favorite Induction memories.

New Voices in Rock: Margaret Glaspy

New Voices in Rock Feature of Margaret Glaspy with the Rock Hall
Thoughtful and passionate musician Margaret Glaspy is interested in making music that adds to the storytelling tradition of singers and songwriters before her.

Revolutions: Patti Smith's "Horses"

Black and White Image of Patti Smith Performing
In 1974 clubs like CBGBs were a haven for the artistic underground in lower Manhattan. Here you could experience the rush of unapologetic rock that took no prisoners. Here, Patti Smith was a fixture.

New Voices in Rock: Lydia Loveless

Rock Hall Front Plaza View Long Live Rock Letters
Lydia Loveless is a rising Alt Country star that's not afraid to open up lyrically or with the Rock Hall team in our New Voices in Rock video series.

The Memphis Music Scene & Making Human Connections to Music Through Take Me to the River

Bobby Rush At the Rock Hall Take Me to the River Panel
Take Me to the River tells the story of human connection facilitated by music. Experience the Rock Hall's event through our guest writer Esther M. Morgan-Ellis.