Summer in the City Live Music at the Rock Hall 2017

Summer in the City: Part Time Lover & MIST

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 6:00pm


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About the Bands:

Part-Time Lover consists of Jason Look (guitars/vocals), Mandy Look (lead guitar, vocals), Roseanna Safos (drums/vocals), Pat O’Connor (bass), Sam Goldberg (synthesizers) and Aaron Terkel (keyboard).

With Influences ranging from bands such as Gene Clark, T-Rx, Spiritualized and The Shocking Blue. The Band has self-released two cassette only E.P.’s, Brains out on the Table (2016) and Animal My Soul (2017). A full length LP is planned for release later this year.

Unbeknownst to many in Cleveland, the late 2000s were a special time for experimental music. A small but passionate pocket of local musicians gained international attention for blending ambient, new age, and psychedelic rock music, releasing it to the world in small batches of handmade cassettes. Arguably for the first time since Pere Ubu’s “avant garage” sound, Cleveland gained a reputation in the international underground for a new and peculiar musical export, evidenced by local trio Emeralds as they transcended the insular scene to tour internationally, gaining recognition in the indie mainstream for their work.
During that time, Emeralds’ John Elliott began collaborating with Sam Goldberg, and the two have continued to expand the boundaries of modern synthesizer music as Mist ever since. Their last album, House, set the duo apart from others in the genre with its impeccable style and control. Mist approaches uncharted territories balancing a mix of electronic musics with a uniquely fresh spirit and vigor. Their commanding compositions are packed with edgy sequences and powerful emotive chordal movements. Their live performances have furthered Mist's reputation as one of the most exciting electronic groups in the US. Although seemingly dormant for the past few years, they’ve recently reunited to put the finishing touches on a full-length album which will be released in late 2017. 

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