Color Image of the Rock Hall's David Bowie Exhibit
Courtesy of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame / Carl Harp

A Year Without the Starman

It's been a year without David Bowie.

It's hard to believe that Bowie, a foremost futurist and musical pioneer, even in the months before his passing in 2016, is no longer with us. We're left with Blackstar, his final album, and the memories we've gathered from concerts, records, music videos and otherworldy encounters. Members of the Rock Hall staff discuss Bowie's legacy and thank him for being the Starman in our video. Kathryn Metz, Ph.D., Manager of Community and Family Programs at the Rock Hall, gives us insight into Bowie's revolutionary style and his tendancy to change perceptions and challenge norms for the better:

"It's really difficult to measure David Bowie's impact. He not only completely changed the look, the fashion and the style of Glam Rock, but he helped us consider what gender can mean, which was empowering for men and women alike. His music pushed all of the boundaries and he was willing to experiment in any way possible. He could also push us into this really weird territory--with melodies that you didn't know could be earworms, that you didn't even know could be a hook. Talking from everything from the space race to loneliness, homophobia, to approaching gender norms and balances, to even talking about his own's hard to keep it together when you're talking about David Bowie." 

Watch the full tribute below: