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Jun 19


12:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Rock Hall Plaza
Our Rock Hall Celebration
As Juneteenth continues to resonate in new ways, we’re proud to bring together a group of powerful and inspiring performers, culminating with special performance from Djapo Cultural Arts Institute. The event will be held outside at the Rock Hall, and is free for everyone – for every race and color - to enjoy.




  • Afi Scruggs


  • Interactive Bucket Drum Presentation by Rainey Institute


  • Ngina Fayola


  • CowPastor performance from Cleveland Museum of Art


  • Djapo Cultural Arts Institute

Rock Hall Live

This free event takes place on the outdoor plaza, no RSVP required, and does not include museum admission but can be purchased below.  Museum admission is always free for Members and City of Cleveland residents. 

Non Members
Djapo Cultural Arts Institute Performance 

Featuring Iwa Pele; “Good Character” -a highly anticipated Juneteenth Concert held at the historic Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Djapo Cultural Arts Institute will give viewers a delectable taste of Africa and the African Diaspora with theatrical travels through Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea and the United States highlighting Djapo’s dynamic dance company, community performers and international artists from each region.

Choreographed by Artistic Director, Talise Campbell alongside the fiery Musical Direction of Grammy Nominated Percussionist and Djembefola, Weedie Braimah, this highly regarded production is compelled to take you on an exciting and challenging journey while interlacing folkloric dance, explosive drumming, song and poetry.

Special Guests also include 3-time Grammy Award winning artist, Magatte Sow, Composer of Folkloric Drumming on Marvels Black Panther, Percussionist for Angélique Kidjo and Cast Member of Coming to America II.



CowPastor performance from Cleveland Museum of Arts

The Cowpastors were created for a 2008 Tobago Carnival Band called Ashante Ananse.  It was conceived by Story Rhinehart and was based upon the poem "The Namsetoura of CowPastor" by Kamu Braitthwaite, Bajan poet, (1930-2020).  CowPastor was the name Braithwaite gave to his small piece of property that he owned in Barbados and where he had planned to live out his life until the Bajan government decided to take it away from him to build an airport access road.  The Namsetoura was a slave woman, whose unmarked grave was on the property and whose visage showed up in a photograph he took of some newly hatched spiders on his property.  The poem speaks of the Burning Seas with the arrival of the slaves from Africa, and to depict the spirit of CowPastor, Story and I drew on the iconography of Yoruba BushCow (Bush Buffalo) masks that the Carnival performers are wearing.


Ngina Fayola

Ngina Fayola is a singer/songwriter/producer and self-taught guitarist from Guyana, Africa. Fayola migrated to the U.S. with her family when she was five years old.

Ngina Fayola’s father Jojo Kofi Badu was one of the founding members the international world music band, the Yoruba Sisters; he became her direct influence into her craft. She discovered her own calling in music as a child in the church choir and as a young poet in Cleveland, Ohio and that ushered Fayola into singing songs with her guitar at local open mics.

Music has always been Ngina Fayola’s best form of expression. Her style has been likened to artists such as Nina Simone, Betty Davis, Lauren Hill, Siouxie Sioux, India.Arie and Stevie Wonder.

Since 2004, Fayola has written, arranged and produced a slew of songs that reflect a point of change and growth within her personality.

Ngina Fayola

About Rainey Institute

Since 1904, Rainey Institute has changed countless lives through education and engagement in performing and visual arts. We recognize potential in all its forms and embrace children with no arts background just as readily as those with perfect pitch. Whether it is after school, on weekends, or over the summer, Rainey Institute is a creative oasis for those who need us most.

Rainey Institute has served as a community anchor in Cleveland’s historic Hough neighborhood for more than a century. Today, Rainey Institute’s on-campus and off-site programming change the lives of over 2,500 children each year! 

Rainey Institute Logo

Afi Scruggs

If you love to groove, no matter the music, you’ll definitely want to be in the audience when Afi and her band, Afi ‘n the Mix plays. Their mission is to get you swaying and tapping your feet.
Afi plays bass and keys. Listen to her. You’ll hear the groove and you’ll definitely feel it. Afi grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, listening to iconic radio stations: The Grand Ole Opry on WSM, John R on WLAC. Although she was a kid, she inhaled everything she heard.
From piano lessons as a youngster, Afi started playing gospel piano when she was 16. As an adult she always flirted with the bass. She’d pick it up, study for a while and sell the bass. In 2009, Afi decided to give it one last try, but she gave herself a mission. This time, she’d find a place to play. Fast forward. Fulfilling that bucket list item led to starting a band, producing and releasing original music.

Afi Scruggs

About Djapo Cultural Arts Institute

Dance is truly an expression of the body, mind and spirit by individuals of all ethnic backgrounds and abilities. The marriage between the music and dance brings enlightenment and healing to all who encounters it. That is the fundamental principle of Djapo Cultural Arts Institute.

Considered one of the premiere cultural arts organizations in Ohio, Djapo Cultural Arts is a professional Dance and Performing Arts Company comprised of talented artists from around the world. Founded in 2009 by Artistic Director Talise A. Campbell, Djapo Cultural Arts has touched over 300,00 people through performances, school assemblies, residencies, and workshops. Thousands more have enjoyed Djapo’s artistry at their Annual Drum and Dance Festival and Concert every June, which draws people from all over the world.

In preserving traditional dance and music throughout Africa and the Diaspora, Djapo’s mission is to educate, enrich, and motivate individuals to create positive images of family and self while incorporating valuable experiences that promote healthy lifestyles and community healing through stage performances, workshops, community outreach, international travel, and cultural exposure.

With a repertory of over 40 works from Artistic Director Talise Campbell as well as other nationally esteemed choreographers, Djapo sends a message of diversity and inclusion. The company continually expands the reach of artistic possibilities making long lasting connections while celebrating the universal spirit of the dance.

Djapo Logo

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